1. Concept idea Ive been working on for a few days, what do you lot think?

  2. Listening to The National pretty sweet sounding band

  3. Home. 1st street looks like it’s going to offer a lot in 2015

  4. Media City was nice! Got to see @tashwillcocks

  5. #vscocam next stop Manchester! Love late night trains

  6. #vscocam stayed in the hilton last night best 3 hours power nap I’ve ever had! (at Hilton Birmingham Metropole)

  7. Why is it so cold this morning and also so foggy, bring back the sun!!

  8. Yet another nice day ;) hope the rain stays away more often


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  10. I like it when it’s not raining a cold when I leave work doesn’t put a bad spin on a good day!

  11. #vscocam first day that I’ve left work and it’s not rained :) hopefully a good sign! (at Busy Bee Head Office)

  12. Here it a mock up of the two designs, I think I prefer the one on the left that has a dominating amount of white space that pulls my eye into the centre. Anyone got any thoughts? #vscocam

  13. Nice bit of type based freelance work, A1 poster using a serif font! Hopefully the client will like it #vscocam

  14. kateoplis:

    Award-winning actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead Sunday afternoon in his New York City apartment…

    We have lost one of the greatest actors in the history of actors. 

    I am at a loss for words.

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  15. I Hate Celebrity Culture | Jack Gleeson | Oxford Union

    One of the best talks I’ve ever watched! Really interesting to hear the opinion of a “Celebrity” on Celebrity’s. Seem a really smart bloke, would love him to do more talks like this.